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Customise your experience for the perfect finish



A clean and protected engine bay just finishes off a vehicle when having one of our detailing packages (the engine clean would be done before the detailing process).

Firstly we remove any excess debris and then cover any electrical components, air intakes and alarms to stop water damage. A strong degreaser/All Purpose Cleaner (APC) will be applied to the engine and the underside of the bonnet, which is then carefully agitated with various detailing brushes. The engine is then rinsed off, and a protective coating is applied to help it stay clean for longer.

On certain supercars and sports cars, it is possible to vastly improve the appearance of an engine bay by (for example) machine polishing carbon covers and treating them with GTechniq coatings, re-painting tatty grilles to reverse the signs of ageing and so on. If your car falls into this category, be sure to mention when booking if this would be of interest.




Using a combination of unique glass cleaning methods (developed in-house), and then followed by GTechniq G1 ClearVision, we can apply a water displacing glass and screen treatment to enhance visibility in wet conditions.  Thanks to this repellent, you may not need the use of the windscreen wipers when travelling over 50mph.  Improved visibility, ice and snow removed easily, less wear on wiper blades.

Windscreen - from £50
Full glass protection - from £120



3-5 hours

When focusing on a detailing project's interior, we start with a thorough vacuum of the carpet, upholstery, headliners, rear shelf, and boot space. We then utilize compressed air to ensure all dust and debris has been eradicated from cracks and crevasses, between and under the seats, and other hard to reach areas.

Next, we massage every hard surface with an enzyme cleaner to remove dust and dirt in a safe, nondestructive way. All carpeting, upholstery, and floor mats are then shampooed with a professional-grade extractor to remove as much dirt and as many stains and odors as possible. If your vehicle has a leather interior, we apply a durable UV protectant to help defend against the sun's damaging rays. All of the freshly-cleaned hard surfaces are then conditioned with a pH balanced, water-based formula that leaves a non-glossy, non-greasy finish, which also repels dust.
Finally, all interior glass components are carefully cleaned with lint-free waffle towels.

Small Cars to Hatchbacks - from £150
Saloons to Small 4x4's - from £170
Large 4x4's, 7 Seaters, XL's - from £190

These prices may change based on the condition of the vehicle.



Most modern sports and prestige vehicles are made with lightweight aluminium, but due to the softness of the metal they are susceptible to dents and dings as are all vehicles. Unfortunately, repairing car park and stone dents can be quite expensive if taken to body- shops for repair - without the need for filling and painting. We use a well established company to remove any dents and dings using the latest PDR (Paint less Dent Removal) tools. Even the bigger dents can be safely removed.



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2-3 hours

If you would like to have a bespoke premium wax applied to your vehicle as part of one of our full detailing services, just let us know.

We use Swissvax Crystal Rock for our premium wax. This is a state of the art Concours-wax with over 76% Vol. of pure ivory coloured Grade one Carnauba wax from Northern Brazil.The waxes have one of the highest Carnauba content of any wax on the market. In effect, it coats a car's paintwork in a smooth and glossy, yet tough and protective, water- repellent film - and even brings a shine to white and silver.

From £100

2-3 hours

If you wish to have additional coats applied for improved protection, we would be happy to offer this treatment.

From £75 after first application


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1-2 DAYS

A Fabric top comprises a multi-layer composite outer fabric, an inner layer and dyed polyester / cotton-lining fabric, the acrylic textile is very UV resistant...that's why it's used in this application. It repels (beads) water, resists soiling and impedes mildew formation. With time and use however the original treatment diminishes, making periodic cleaning and pre-treatment necessary, thereby extending the useful life of the fabric. After a year or so, fabric convertible roofs start to lose their soil and stain resistance, and you will begin to notice the fabric gets wet and has to dry out when it rains. This is when SAVS can make your convertible repel water like a freshly waxed car, firstly cleaning the roof then applying a long lasting High Tech Fabric Guard which protects your freshly cleaned roof from water, soil, grease and sun damage for up to a year.

1-2 days

As well as roof sealing, we can offer a re-colour treatment too. After time and UV damage, many washes your roof will start to fade, not to mention the amount of bird stains your roof will encounter. Why not have it re-coloured to restore it back to its original state.

From £100


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2-5 days

A complete strip of all alloys checking for metal damage and repairing them where safe to do so, including straightening and then completely re-painting the whole wheel often to a higher specification than the original paint finishes at a very competitive cost compared to other competitors and smart repairers. This service can be arranged and carried out at the same time as one of our larger detail packages.

Quotation Upon Request
Painted finishes
Painted & Diamond cut finishes
Special finishes (colour coded or chrome style paints)
Split rim (two piece only)
Hub & Calliper painting upon request.

1-2 days

The look of rusty wheel hubs or discoloured callipers can really detract from the over all look of a detailed car; why not let us refurbish them for you. With cast callipers and 'aged' hubs, we will rub down and prepare them before carefully brush painting to a smooth finish (we offer red, blue, gloss/satin black, silver, or primer grey).

More sporty 'Brembo' style callipers can be fully removed, stripped, and spray painted in the colour of your choice (with a ceramic lacquer on top), ideal for making a statement or restoring life to a tired classic.

Quotation Upon Request

1 day

Brake dust attacks the wheel surface finish and after time, if left, can lead to premature corrosion of the alloy material. The price of this wheel sealing treatment is much less than a set of new rims! GTechniq nano-coatings provide a clear and protective barrier to guard against the effects of dirt and brake dust. It also means that your wheels will be easier to clean next time. We are able to remove all your wheels and apply ceramic coating to the front and barrels for complete protection.

Loose wheels - £150 per set
Faces only - £20
Including wheel removal coat and refit - £180