What does "detailing" mean?

Detailing can be interpreted in many ways. While some may equate it to an in-depth valeting service, detailing encompasses more. It's an intricate process involving professional machine polishing of the vehicle's clear coat to rectify defects, often leading to a finish that surpasses the original quality. Detailing doesn't just focus on the exterior; the interior, chassis, and engine all get the same rigorous care. At SAVS, our mission is to deliver unparalleled finish and protection.

What exactly are swirl marks?

Swirl marks, often referred to as spider webs, are numerous tiny scratches diminishing a car's shine. These marks are more prominent on darker shades and become evident under sunlight or artificial lighting at night. The primary cause of these imperfections is incorrect washing and drying techniques. Proper understanding of car wash methods and the use of suitable materials can prevent their occurrence. For instance, automated car washes can introduce swirls even after hours of machine polishing. The solution is not merely a hand-wash, as improper methods can still harm the vehicle. Our commitment at SAVS is to educate our customers on post-detailing maintenance. To permanently rectify swirls, professional polishers and abrasive polishes are necessary. If the blemishes are deep, an initial aggressive treatment followed by delicate polishing ensures clarity and shine. We avoid temporary fixes like glazes that mask the problem; our approach ensures genuine, lasting results.

How much time is needed for the detailing process?

The duration varies based on the chosen service. Some treatments may last 3-4 hours, while comprehensive ones could span over 60 hours. We advocate for a preliminary consultation, where we assess the vehicle's condition and discuss suitable services considering client requirements and budget.

Is detailing essential for new cars?

Absolutely! New cars can benefit from detailing in two ways. Firstly, many cars, irrespective of their luxury status, come from dealerships with minor imperfections due to factory conditions or dealership handling. Even when these imperfections are minor, they hinder the car's full gloss potential. Detailing can elevate this gloss quality. Secondly, commencing with proper protective measures for a brand-new vehicle is vital. Standard factory or dealership services can't match the protective and preserving qualities of a professional detail, ensuring your vehicle maintains its pristine condition over time.

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